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Village of Belcarra Bylaws

Belcarra municipal bylaws are listed below. Simply click on the bylaw you wish to view.

Note: Online copies of Belcarra bylaws may not include recent amendments.

Disclaimer: Users of these unofficial electronic copies are cautioned that these bylaws are for use solely as a ready reference and have no legal force or effect. For all legal or official purposes, users should consult the official certified bylaws available at the Village of Belcarra Municipal Office.

Municipal bylaws listed below is not a complete list of all municipal bylaws.

Bylaws are consolidated under the authority of Section 139 of the Community Charter.  Bylaw consolidations are not legal documents. Individual copies of the bylaws may be obtained by contacting the Village Office. These bylaws are provided under and by authority of the Chief Administrative Officer of the Village of Belcarra.

For more information on Belcarra Bylaws, or to report a possible violation, please email the Chief Administrative Officer at

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