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Septic Disposal

Septic Tank Sewage Disposal System

Everyone in Belcarra uses a septic tank system of some kind – visitors, babysitters, etc., need to be reminded of this fact. Reminders for the care & maintenance of a septic tank sewage disposal system.


  • Do – Have your tank pumped every 3 to 5 years.
  • Do – Know where your system is; have a map with measurements.
  • Do – Use water sparingly and divert surface drainage water away from the septic field.
  • Do – Plant grass on the drain field rather than trees or shrubs, (roots can create problems).
  • Do – Dispose of hazardous wastes appropriately, (not into the septic system).


  • Don’t – Allow the system to be overloaded by dripping taps, continuously running toilets, or surface drainage water.
  • Don’t – Flush foreign objects (these can plug septic systems). Foreign objects include: cigarette butts, filters, sanitary napkins, facial tissues, hair, paper towels, coffee grounds, tea leaves, fats and grease.
  • Don’t – Install a garburator without increasing the drainage field and tank size.
  • Don’t – Park or drive vehicles on the field.
  • Don’t – Put bleach of any kind into the system, this includes bleach for “unbleachables” and scouring cleansers containing bleach.
  • Don’t – Put paint, solvents, chemicals, vinegar or disinfectants into the system these can also create problems.