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Filming in Belcarra

Belcarra – A Film Friendly Community

A rural residential community situated on the east side of scenic Indian Arm (see map) in the Northeast Sector of the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD), Belcarra is surrounded by mountains, forest (Belcarra Regional Park) and a majestic deep-water fjord (Indian Arm). Belcarra is located 28 kilometers (18 miles) from downtown Vancouver, with a travel time by car of 45 minutes. Vancouver International Airport is within 35 kilometers (22 miles), with a travel time under 60 minutes.

Epitomizing the relaxed West Coast lifestyle, this well wooded residential community overlooks the magnificent North Shore mountains and the picturesque waters of Indian Arm (which includes Bedwell Bay, Belcarra Bay, Cosy Cove, Whiskey Cove, Farrer Cove & Twin Islands). Belcarra enjoys a superb natural setting providing residents and visitors alike with ample opportunity to enjoy a wide range of land and water-based recreational activities. The Village, in some respects, can be described an “island community” in that it is surrounded by either the waters of Indian Arm or the forests of Belcarra Regional Park.

Download & Faxback Your Application Forms:

If you have any questions about Filming In Belcarra or the application process, contact the Village Office at 604-937-4100, by email at or visit the Village Office from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm:

  • Belcarra Municipal Hall
  • 4084 Bedwell Bay Road
  • Belcarra, BC, V3H 4P8

Locations of Interest:

  • Waterfront View Homes
  • Regional Park Forests
  • Regional Park Picnic Grounds
  • Sasamat Lake
  • Indian Arm Fjord
  • Docks & Boats

Past Shoots:

  • The “L” Word Season III Productions Inc. – The “L” Word Season III (2005)
  • Masters Productions I Ltd. – Masters of Horror (2005)
  • Antonio Bay Productions Ltd. – The Fog (2005)
  • Dead Zone Productions Corp. – TV Program: “Dead Zone” (2004)
  • Millennium Canadian Productions – “Tru Calling” (2003)
  • Stinky Little Films Inc.– Commercial (2003)
  • DLM Productions Inc. – “Dead Like Me” (2003)
  • Galway Bay Productions, Inc. – “Traffic” (2003)
  • Jeremiah Productions – Movie Shoot (2003)
  • GEP Productions – “First To Die” (2002)
  • Jeremia Productions – “Jeremiah” (2002)
  • Circle Productions – Commercial (2002)
  • Fetch Boy Films – “Air Bud IV” (2001)
  • So Weird Productions – “So Weird – Season III” (2000)
  • Foxtail Productions – “Toys of Glass” (1999)
  • Spiral Productions – Movie Shoot (1999)
  • Boz Film – Commercial (1999)
  • BEI Nest Productions – “They Nest” (1999)
  • FGF Productions – “Freddy Got Fingered” (1999)
  • Monster Film – Commercial: “Tatoo” (1998)