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Village of Belcarra Public Alerting System

Ensure you don’t miss vital emergency updates from the Village of Belcarra!
Stay informed and plan ahead—Belcarra is now connected to the Alertable notification network. These notifications enable the Village to update subscribed users on necessary actions during critical emergencies.

Access the free Alertable app on your mobile phone, tablet, computer, or smart speaker for seamless connectivity. Register for email, text (SMS), and phone call notifications, and choose the notification method or combination that aligns with your preferences. Stay in the loop and be prepared!


Upon registration, you’ll receive notifications on your mobile phone, landline, or via email regarding emergencies affecting Belcarra, including:

– severe weather
– road blockages
– natural disasters
– industrial hazards
– other emergencies with the potential to affect numerous citizens

These alerts may provide details about evacuation orders, guidance on seeking support during emergencies, and additional information concerning potential threats to public safety. Stay informed and stay safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to receive Alertable alerts?

No, regardless of the method you choose to receive alerts (app, text, phone notifications, etc.) this alert notification service is free to all users.

When setting up the app, which ‘locations’ should I choose?

To receive alerts for Belcarra, choose “Belcarra, BC, Canada”. You have the option to select multiple locations or cities based on your preferences. Stay connected and informed about events in your community!

When setting up the app, should I turn on ‘Follow Me’?

Enabling ‘Follow Me’ ensures you receive alerts for your phone’s current location, even if it’s not a location you manually selected in your settings.