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Public Notices

Effective July 27, 2019 – Vehicle Towing when Illegally Parked – Coquitlam Towing

Council has granted approval for Coquitlam Towing to tow illegally parked vehicles in the Village of Belcarra as per the Traffic and Parking Regulation Bylaw No. 518, 2018.

Vehicles that may be towed include parking:

·       in “Emergency Turnarounds”;

·       with Tires on Pavement;

·       at Fire Hydrants and;

·       at Stop Signs

Towed Vehicles may be picked up at the Coquitlam Towing’s Storage yard at:

·       218 Cayer Street, Coquitlam BC (off Schoolhouse Street)

·       Phone (604) 939-6474 (call line open 24 hours per day)


Lorna Dysart
Chief Administrative Officer
Village of Belcarra