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Welcome to Belcarra

A Village between forest and sea.

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Message from the Mayor

Welcome to the new Village of Belcarra Website. Please note the website is a work in progress, be patient as we keep working on updates to provide Village residents with easy access to news and information.

2018 was a year of change for Belcarra with the election empowering three new Councillors, plus a re-elected Councillor and a new Mayor, to help lead the Village. Unprecedented change in 35+ years.

Our new Council is excited to share the updates of our work, receive ongoing feedback from residents and support the next phase of Belcarra’s future together.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Mayor Neil Belenkie

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Belcarra Ireland

Belcarra has a sister city in Ireland!

Did you know there’s another Belcarra in County Mayo, Ireland? Find out about how our communities connected with each other over 120 years after the founding of our village.

Village of Belcarra

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