“Let It Snow, Let It Snow!” – A Public Works Information Notice

Public Works would like to thank the many residents who made the extra effort to keep their driveways clear, thus enabling cars to be kept off the road; this in spite of having the snowplow fill-up their driveways again with snow from the road! Keeping cars off the road greatly improves safety for pedestrians and vehicles that need the road for travel through the Village; and equally important, enables the snowplow to more effectively maneuver.

Belcarra Snow Plow (January 29, 2002)

The key point of this information notice is to inform residents of Public Works’ challenges and responsibilities in maintaining access for all residents of the Village. It cannot be over-stated, how challenging it is to legotiate a 10-foot snowplow along Belcarra’s steep and narrow roads; let alone, if the roads are compromised with abandoned vehicles. Public Works’ responsibility is to keep the roads open for access and emergency vehicles. If the snowplow cannot safely negotiate a road due to abandoned vehicles or other obstacles, the road will not be plowed or salted until it can be safely done. Although not a preferred option, Public Works is authorized by bylaw and policy to tow or ticket vehicles for blocking an access route. This ‘last resort’ option is necessary to ensure that all residents have the ability to access their homes and also allow emergency vehicles safe passage. If your vehicle becomes ‘stuck’ and blocks a road, please take the necessary action to clear the roadway. Cooperation in keeping the roads clear will benefit, and be greatly appreciated by, all residents.

The placement of road-salt barrels at the top of hills was implemented to provide an extra level of safety for residents who notice icy conditions that require an additional application of road-salt. It would be appreciated if road-salt from the barrels is not used for driveways, but left for the road.

A last point is the maintenance of road-side vegetation. Trimming, pruning and/or removal of problematic vegetation is necessary to maintain or improve visibility, and to prevent snow-laden vegetation from ‘sagging’ onto the traveled portions of the road. Accordingly, Public Works will be reviewing its vegetation removal practices on municipal road shoulders with the view to maintaining road safety.

Control of property or driveway water run-off is another area where residents can help reduce the risk of ice build-up on roadways.

Please contact the Village office at 937-4100 if you require further clarification or additional information.

Thank you for your continued support in keeping Belcarra roads accessible –
The Village Office is open 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Enjoy the snow!


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