In March 1997 the Board of Fire Trustees approved the purchase of a new pumper truck for the Sasamat Volunteer Fire Department (SVFD) to replace the 1977 Ford Pumper which had a major mechanical break-down in 1996. The new truck is a state-of-the-art design manufactured by HUB Fire Engine Ltd. here in the Lower Mainland.

The style and configuration of the new pumper is the same as the pumper truck purchased in 1993 except that it has a GMC chassis instead of a Volvo chassis which are no longer available. The pumper truck is powered by a 250 HP diesel engine, carries 800 gallons of water onboard, has a transverse mounted pump control station, and is equipped with a water "monitor" (deck mounted nozzle) as well as a foam delivery system selectable for either class A' or class B' fires at the flick of a switch.

The "cab-over" design provides near fish-bowl visibility for the driver (see photograph below). The air suspension driver's seat is easily and quickly adjustable, and the power steering, automatic transmission, and air brakes makes the truck as easy to drive as the family car. For example, the turning radius for this truck is only 30 feet! This is very important when you frequently have different fire fighters driving the truck each time it is used. It also enables the smallest of our lady fire fighters to handle the truck with ease and confidence!

New SVFD Pumper Truck

The new pumper will be equipped with an onboard 110 Volt AC power generator and electrically powered swing-down ladder racks. In addition, the new pumper will be equipped with a 4" pump discharge which will enable our fire fighters to deliver water via lengths of 4" hose that can extend anywhere up to 1,000 metres, thereby covering most locations that are difficult or impossible to access with a truck.

Safety for our volunteers has not been compromised in the specifications for the new pumper. Everything from complete enclosure of personnel in a crew cab with reduced noise levels, to seat belts, to driver activated "insta-chains", and halogen work lights. One safety feature is the built-in SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus) mounting brackets in four of the crew seats. These allow the volunteers to slip into their SCBA back-pack units while on the way to a fire call and be ready to enter a smoke-filled building immediately upon arrival at the scene.

The cost of the new pumper will amount to approximately $290,000 in total which includes $34,700 PST & GST. Compare that to the cost of the Ford Pumper purchased in 1977 for $80,000 , and you can see the effects of inflation over the past 20 years!

The good news is that the new pumper is already "funded" via the capital equipment reserve fund which was established in anticipation of this purchase. As a consequence, we will not have to borrow money to pay for the truck!

Fire Chief Larry Scott and his Deputy's recently peformed the pre-delivery inspection, and were very pleased with what they saw. Delivery of the new pumper is expected at the end of November 1997, two months ahead of the original delivery date.


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