The official opening of the new training facilities at SVFD's two fire halls on Saturday, September 20, 1997, was a milestone worthy of marking the 20th anniversary of the fire department. There was a cake cutting at each fire hall during the afternoon, followed by a salmon BBQ which carried-on until midnight with live music and a bon fire.

The Sasamat Volunteer Fire Department (SVFD) was formally established at the end of 1976, and began operation in 1977 with the acquisition of a 1953 LaFrance Pumper Truckfrom the IOCO refinery for the sum of one dollar. The total capital budget for starting the fire department, which had to be borrowed through the GVRD, was limited to $150,000 which had to cover the cost of constructing the two fire halls and the purchase of the "new" 1978 Ford Pumper Truck! Needless to say, the fire halls and fire fighting equipment in the early years were "bare bones" at best.

It has now been 20 years since the SVFD was started, and both the fire protection area and the number of homes within the area have grown. As a consequence, the functional needs of the fire department have also grown, but the two fire halls had not changed since construction. There was no provision in the original designs for space to meet firefighter training requirements or adequate storage space for equipment. To address these needs, the Sasamat Volunteer Firefighters Association several years ago began to plan and raise funds to expand the SVFD facilities.

Belcarra Fire Hall - New Training Facility (Front)

Belcarra Fire Hall - New Training Facility (Front)

The upgrade at the Belcarra Fire Hall includes a 22' x 22' (484 sq.ft.) training studio located on top of the existing office area. Area for an SCBA air bottle filling station and hose drying tower also has been added to the rear of the building. (SCBA air bottle filling is presently provided by the Port Moody Fire Department, and hose drying is presently accomplished by drying the fire hoses between the vehicles.) The training studio will have video and computer training equipment, in addition to being used as a lecture room and area to practice training evaluations.

Belcarra Fire Hall - New Training Facility (Back)

Belcarra Fire Hall - New Training Facility (Back)

The upgrade at the Anmore Fire Hall is somewhat larger due to the greater available space (read: "flat ground") provided by the Anmore site, and includes a truck bay with a 1300 sq.ft. training room over the existing office and added truck bay. There also is a hose drying tower along with a storage room which could be used as a future air bottle filling station. The training room will perform similar functions to the Belcarra training studio, but is intended to accommodate larger groups of people. Anmore Council provided the additional funding for the addition of the "Country Heritage" look facade to the existing hall and new extension.

Anmore Fire Hall - New Training Facility (Front)

Anmore Fire Hall - New Training Facility (Front)

The total cost of the project was approximately $210,000 with the funding sourced as follows: Provincial Grant (50%), Firefighters Association (17%), Volunteer Labour (10%), Municipal Grants (10%), Private Donations ( 8%), and Corporate Donations (5%).

The private donations were cash contributions, the corporate donations were "in-kind" materials or services for the project, and the volunteer labour was direct construction work. Our volunteer fire fighters contributed over 4,000 hours to the project, and on behalf of all Belcarra residents I extend a big "Thank You" to all of the volunteers!


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