20th Anniversary Photo Album
(August 22, 1999)

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Council and Platform Guests
Belcarra Councillors:
(Standing - Left to Right)
Jamie Ross, Larry Carlsen
Jennifer Glover, Bruce Drake

Platform Guests:
(Seated - Left to Right)
Rick Marusyk, Hal Weinberg
Mae Reid, Len Traboulay
Northeast Sector Official Guests Northeast Sector Official Guests:
(Left to Right)

Mae Reid, Acting Mayor, Coquitlam
Hal Weinberg, Mayor, Anmore
Lou Sekora, MP
Christy Clark, MLA
Rick Marusyk, Mayor, Port Moody
Ralph Drew, Mayor, Belcarra
Len Traboulay, Mayor, Port Coquitlam
Belcarra's Incorporation Committee (1979) Incorporation Committee (1979):
(Left to Right)

Ted Baxter, Verna Barrett
Jim Threlfall, Dave Reid
Ian Hansen, Al Beebe
Ralph Drew (Committee Chair)
Belcarra's First Council (1979) Belcarra's First Council (1979):
(Left to Right)

Jim Threlfall, Ted Baxter
Verna Barrett (First Mayor)
Al Beebe, Ralph Drew

Municipal Affairs Minister (1979):
William (Bill) Van DerZalm
(Centre - Behind Verna Barrett)

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Bill Van DerZalm Holding Commemorative Print 20th Anniversary
Commemorative Print

(Presented To All Official Guests)

Artist: Ruth Adams Booth
Print: Belcarra Dance Hall -
Location Of The First
Council Inauguration
Long-Time Resident: Paul Reid Honouring Our Pioneers:

PAUL REID, one of the first residents in Farrer Cove, relates the early history of the area. His father purchased property in Farrer Cove in the 1930s, and Paul used to row a boat from Burnaby to Farrer Cove in the summers. Paul's daughter, Paula, is married to Councillor Larry Carlsen, and also lives in Farrer Cove with their two children.
Long-Time Resident: Loyd Bussey Honouring Our Pioneers:

LOYD BUSSEY helped establish the Woodhaven - Bedwell Bay Property Owners Association in 1947. Loyd tells how he bought Lot 10, Block 1 (4152 Marine Avenue) for $100 from the provincial government in 1947. On September 20, 1954, Loyd took out the first official building permit (#3851) to built a 902 square foot summer cottage in the regulated area of Woodhaven, which later became part of the Village of Belcarra, and the total building permit cost $12.00. In 1972 Loyd sold the property to Rosemary & Mike Cotton for $32,000 who replaced the original Bussey cottage with a new house between 1978 and 1982.
Long-Time Resident: Bill Papove Honouring Our Pioneers:

BILL PAPOVE, long time resident and octogenerean, explains how things used to be when he first moved to what is now Belcarra.

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Cake Cutting - Verna Barrett and Ralph Drew Cutting The Anniversary Cake:

Verna Barrett & Ralph Drew
20th Anniversary Cake
20th Anniversary Time Capsule 20th Anniversary Time Capsule:
(Left to Right)

Verna Barrett
Bill Papove
Ralph Drew
Time Capsule Plaque
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