Mayor's Report - October 1998


Mayor Ralph Drew

One of the most significant assets that we have as a community is our fire department. As the "corner stone" for protective services in Belcarra, the Sasamat Volunteer Fire Department (SVFD) continues to provide an outstanding level of service. It is critical to remember, however, that while the SVFD has excellent equipment and facilities, there would be no fire protection without the trained volunteers to operate that equipment.

We seldom give any thought as to "Who is?" or "What is?" the fire department. To many the fire department is nothing but a "service" at the other end of the telephone. A "service" that is expected to respond to emergencies. What many people forget is that the fire fighters who comprise our fire department are also our neighbours! Volunteers who have committed to many hours of training and to carrying a pager in order to respond to our personal emergencies. Neighbours who get called-out at all hours of the day or night!

Did you know that the average response time to a fire in Belcarra is only 8 minutes? Or did you know that all SVFD volunteers are expected to train and qualify as an EMA-FR3 First Responder for medical emergencies? These are just two of the many aspects related to emergency preparedness in Belcarra of which you should be aware.

On Thursday, November 5th, the SVFD Fire Trustees will be hosting an information meeting at the Village Hall to talk about existing fire department service levels and discuss community needs. The feedback from this session will provide the Fire Trustees with information to assist in the preparation of a SVFD Service Level Mandate that satisfies community needs and is:

  • sustainable;
  • consistent;
  • realistic; and
  • financially achievable.

A key goal of a Service Level Mandate is to define the roles and responsibilities of the Sasamat Volunteer Fire Department and thereby assist our volunteers to perform their duties in a safe and professional manner. This is also important for the protection of our volunteers under WCB legislation.

It is within the above context that we need to consider the services that the Sasamat Volunteer Fire Department provides to our community. Defining service levels is the basis used to determine training, equipment and budget requirements for the fire department. So come and participate, and help the Fire Trustees identify the most appropriate type and level of emergency services for our community. You will also gain some appreciation for the significant contribution that your neighbour makes to the community as a volunteer fire fighter!


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