Mayor's Report - May 2000


At the annual RCMP Volunteer Appreciation Night on February 17th Belcarra Block Watch Coordinators Mike Cotton and Jim Chisholm accepted an RCMP award on behalf of the Belcarra Block Watch Program in recognition of 100% participation by the community. This is an accomplishment in which all Belcarra residents can take a great deal pride. Our thanks to all of the Block Watch Captains, Co-Captains and Coordinators for a job-well-done!

Mayor Ralph Drew

But the story doesn't end there. At a recent Block Watch meeting of Belcarra's Captains and Co-Captains a new "high water mark" was established for the program. Our Block Watch volunteers have significantly updated Belcarra's emergency contact directory. The new directory has improved maps and a comprehensive "address list" that includes GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinates for every waterfront property within the municipality.

GPS locators are particularly important for the water-access-only properties that do not have street addresses to facilitate location identification for emergency response, which obviously must come via the waters of Indian Arm. The objective now is to work with the RCMP and E-Comm to have the GPS "addresses" incorporated into the emergency 9-1-1 database.

RCMP Block Watch Coordinator Heather McRitchie for some time has used the Belcarra Block Watch Program as the "standard" when talking about Block Watch to other community groups, and the updated directory now sets a new standard.

Information on the Belcarra Block Watch Program will be appearing in the Barnacle this month and also coming issues. Please take the time to make yourself familiar with this material. You never know when you may need to "plug-in" to an award-winning program created by volunteers to assist our community when either a crime or an emergency strikes. Do your part and be prepared!


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