Mayor's Report - March 2004



Belcarra’s emergency services “corner stone” is the Sasamat Volunteer Fire Department (SVFD) that has provided an outstanding level of service since its inception in 1978. The SVFD is debt-free, and as taxpayers we have been benefiting from a long-standing policy of acquiring equipment and vehicles on a pay-as-you-go basis. This January, the SVFD placed into service its newest piece of equipment: a state-of-the-art “Command & Rescue” vehicle at a cost of $300,000 that was fully funded from SVFD’s Equipment Replacement Reserve.

Mayor Ralph Drew

The new “Command & Rescue” vehicle will fulfill three primary roles:

  1. Mobile Command – The vehicle is a mobile command and communications center for both local emergency incidents and emergencies under the Municipal Emergency Preparedness Plans;
  2. Rescue – The vehicle provides innovative storage, rapid deployment, rescue team transport, first aid equipment, vehicle stabilization, and scene illumination;
  3. Rehabilitation – The vehicle can provide mobile nourishment, protection from the elements, and a clean temperature controlled rest area, which are essential aspects of providing a safe and controlled environment for our firefighters.

For the technical aficionados among us, the specifications and special features of the new “Command & Rescue” vehicle are as follows (see photo below):

  • Vehicle supplied by American LaFrance of BC, with the body manufactured by Hub Fire Engines and Equipment Ltd., the 2004 Freightliner FL70 chassis is powered by a Caterpillar 3126E 250hp engine, Allison MD306OP automatic transmission, Trac-Tech “no-spin” differential, anti-lock braking, self-adjusting slack adjusters for the air-brakes, automatic snow chains, and a front-mounted hydraulic winch.
  • Command features include: combined crew transport for four with seat-mounted SCBA storage, VHF radio, cell phone, wireless data communications, climate control, tactical planning workstation, reference material library, GPS, climatic data collection, night vision equipment, digital video camera, television, etc.
  • Rescue features include: rear pull-out tool boards with rapid deployment rescue tools such as pre-connected Holmatro spreader, cutter and ram (“Jaws”), low pressure air bags, air chisel, fire extinguishers, and a variety of specialty hand, electric and gas powered tools. Other equipment like chemical Spill Kits, Cold Water Emersion Suits, hydraulic winch, cribbing and vehicle stabilization equipment is readily accessible. An EM5000 generator controlled through a GFI electrical circuit breaker panel provides onboard electrical power, and power to supply 2000 watts of scene lighting capable of illuminating a working radius of 500 feet.
  • Rehabilitation of fire department personnel is enhanced with an onboard refrigerator, microwave oven, built-in awning, nourishment storage, portable tents, and a complete EMA-FR3 medical supply cabinet containing stretchers, backboards, eye wash station, oxygen therapy, and portable defibrillator.

SVFD CR-5 Command & Rescue Vehicle

The new “Command & Rescue” vehicle is a significant advancement for the SVFD, and will enable a better level of response for medical emergencies, car accidents, fires of all types, and other significant incidents. With help from outside our community slow to arrive due to distance and other factors, it is essential that we be able to respond both quickly and comprehensively. Our volunteer firefighters are dedicated and well trained, and we can be proud to say they are also well equipped for the difficult tasks that face them.


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