Mayor's Report - August 2010

Contract Awarded for the Watermain Crossing under Indian Arm

A major milestone has been reached in the Belcarra Potable Water Project with the awarding of a contract for the first phase of construction --- the watermain crossing under Indian Arm. It has been 2 years since the announcement that Belcarra was successful in obtaining project funding under the popular Federal-Provincial Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund, and five years since Council embarked on a comprehensive study of water distribution options and associated costs.

Mayor Ralph Drew

On August 12th Council awarded a contract to Vancouver Pile Driving Ltd. to construct the watermain crossing under Indian Arm, and also approved entering into a 60-year lease with Port Metro Vancouver for the seabed under the watermain. The amount of the contract is $2.1 million, which is consistent with the project engineers' estimates, and Vancouver Pile Driving is a company that is well experienced in undertaking this type of project. The contractor will be starting work in September and intends to have the work completed by year-end.

It is a complex project in that it consists of several submarine elements as illustrated by the alignment drawing below. Some sections of the crossing will involve excavation and burying of the twin waterlines, while other sections will require armouring with rock to protect the 200mm (8-inch) diameter HDPE pipes. The project also requires eelgrass habitat replacement work at both ends of the crossing.

At each end of the submarine crossing there will be a "valve chamber" that will connect the submarine waterlines to the respective municipal distribution systems, and house Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) equipment for monitoring flow rates, line pressures, and system security. The SCADA equipment will be remotely monitored via the internet, and will have a communications link between the North Vancouver and Belcarra valve chambers. These valve chambers will also house waterline isolation equipment used for the periodic "pig cleaning" of the individual waterlines.

The next phase of the project is currently out for tender, and I will provide an update on the second phase of the project in my report next month.


Belcarra Watermain Alignment Under Indian Arm

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