Mayor's Report - April 2011

Potable Water Infrastructure Project –– Construction Update

Mayor Ralph Drew

After six months of construction during some challenging weather conditions, the first two phases of Belcarra's potable water infrastructure project are almost complete. Phase One, the twin 200 mm HDPE watermains under Indian Arm, was completed by Vancouver Pile Driving in early March. Phase Two, the watermains along Midden Road, Bedwell Bay Road and Main Avenue, will be completed by Mission Contractors in late April. Phase Two consists of a number of major components and is the 'backbone' of the project:

  • Approximately 2.1 km of 8-inch (200 mm) watermain from the underwater crossing terminus at Midden Road to supply the reservoir tank at top-end of Tatlow Road.
  • An automatic watermain supply valve for controlling the water level in the reservoir tank.
  • Seismic shut-off valves to isolate the reservoir tank from the distribution system in the event of an earthquake.
  • A second 8-inch (200 mm) watermain sharing the trench and parallel to the 2.1 km supply main that provides the system distribution and residential service connections.
  • A third 6-inch (150 mm) watermain approximately 1.4 km in length to supply the residences within Pressure Zone 3 along Main Avenue and a portion of Bedwell Bay Road.
  • A pressure-regulated distribution booster pump, high capacity fire pump, and a standby emergency generator.
  • Approximately 2.1 km of Fibre-Optic Cable to monitor and control the system via a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system located at the Municipal Hall.
  • In early April tenders were invited for a structure and works in North Vancouver; namely, construction of the Valve Chamber at Strathcona Road and upgrading of the Dean Place Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) Station. Also in April, detailed design for tendering was finalized for construction of the Valve Chambers, chlorine monitoring, fire pump, distribution pump and back-up generator at Midden Road and Tatlow Road. This work is expected to begin sometime in May.

    The fibre-optic communications cables between the Midden Road Valve Chamber and the Tatlow Road Valve Chamber will be installed in the Phase Two watermain trench, hopefully this month. The fibre-optic cables will connect SCADA equipment to the system for monitoring flow, volume, line pressures, reservoir levels, chlorine levels, climate-control and system security.

    The design work for Phase Three of the project is currently being completed by our municipal engineer and is slated for tendering. This phase will install watermains and service connections along Senkler Road, Kelly Road, West Road and the southern portion of Marine Avenue, Belcarra Bay Road from Midden Road to Bedwell Bay Road, Turtlehead Road, Robson Road, Salish Road, Whiskey Cove Lane and Coombe Lane.

    The big question is: When will the roads get repaved? The Contractor will undertake the trench patch-paving as soon as the fibre-optic cable is installed. The follow-up overlay is a commitment; however the timing is based on warmer weather and project budgets. Here's hoping for lots of sunshine this summer!


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