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Block Watch is community crime prevention program that encourages citizens to work together to prevent crime in communities and neighborhoods. Block Watch can be started by anyone in the community including residents of single-family homes and multi-family complexes including apartments, condominiums and townhouses. Be an active citizen and help reduce residential crime. Become a Block Watch Member.

Block Watch in Belcarra

Belcarra's award winning Block Watch Program has a 100% participation rate that is seldom seen in the larger communities. See Belcarra's Block Watch notice board for more information regarding Block Watch coordinators and Block Watch zone maps.

The Role of a Block Watch Member

Block Watch depends on your involvement for success. Becoming a Block Watch Member involves:

  • Attending an initial and a yearly meeting to implement the Block Watch Program for your block or neighbourhood
  • Adding your information to the Block Watch list and map
  • Looking-out for/helping one another
  • Reporting to police any suspicious occurrences, vehicles, or people
  • If you become a victim of crime, report it to the police, then contact your Block Watch Captain
  • Inform the Block Watch Office, Block Captain or Co-Captain of any changes
  • If desired, becoming the "blocks" designated Block Watch Captain or Co-Captain
  • The Role of the Block Watch Captain and Co-captain

    A Block Watch Captain and Co-Captain share the duty of managing the Block Watch Program in a neighborhood, and they act as the communication link between Block Watch participants and the Block Watch Office.

    Block Watch Captain and Co-Captain duties are not time consuming, and they jointly share the activities of:

  • Contacting new neighbours, who move in the area, to see if they are interested in registering with the Block Watch Program
  • Updating the Block Watch map with current names and phone numbers when necessary
  • Receiving and distributing newsletters that are received from the Block Watch Office
  • Fostering communication amongst Block Watch participants, especially when important or new information needs to be communicated. A fan-out telephone system is a great way in which to do this.
  • Loaning out the engraver so participants can mark their property
  • Reporting to police any suspicious occurrences, vehicles or people
  • Advising the Block Watch Office of any residential break and enters or attempted break and enters, which occur on the block
  • Holding annual block/neighbourhood meetings.
  • Block Watch Safety Tips

    Report Suspicious Activities

    A burglar may be planning a visit to your neighbourhood, or may already be committing a crime in your neighbourhood.

    Be alert and aware Report any suspicious activity you see.

    Suspicious activity can be:


  • Standing, or in vehicle(s), waiting in front of a house; especially if others go around to the side or back yard.
  • Looking into homes or parked vehicles
  • Carrying suitcases, large bags, boxes or property on foot, especially if they are running
  • That look unfamiliar and are loitering in your neighbourhood
  • Ringing doorbells and asking strange questions
  • Vehicle(s):

  • Being loaded with valuables
  • Unfamiliar and parked with persons waiting inside them
  • Abandoned or moving without license plates
  • Being driven without lights
  • Slowly circling the block
  • Other:

  • Unusual noises or sounds, open, broken or insecure doors and windows, suggesting some type of illegal activity or behaviour
  • Exterior lights suddenly going out (i.e. garage or porch/patio)
  • What should I do if I see suspicious activity in my neighbourhood?

    1. Call the police and report the crime 9-1-1.
    2. Record important details such as physical characteristics of strangers or descriptions of suspicious vehicles. For convenience the Block Watch Program produces a Description Aid Chart and Auto Description Chart to record details. Print copies of these charts and keep them handy.
    3. When the Police arrive on scene provide them with any details you recorded.

    How do I report a crime?

    For NON-EMERGENCY Call 604-945-1550

    Not life threatening or crimes that have already been committed, such as damage to property, stolen vehicle.

    For EMERGENCY Call 9-1-1

    Crime that is in progress. The suspect is still on the scene.

    Block Watch Office

    Coquitlam RCMP Crime Prevention Unit
    2986 Guildford Way
    Coquitlam, BC
    Phone: 604-945-1579 or 604-945-1576

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